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Most visits are 3 day, 2 nights.
Depending on what your choice of game is, if you are looking for whitetails, axis, aoudad, turkey, dove or other exotics, we can offer, you as a guest, one of the most exciting visits you will ever have.  Now offering South Texas Nilgai (bulls and/or cows) on 120000 acre low fence ranch.
A 1,000 acre ranch with 400 acres under high fence.  In our main lodge, we can accommodate up to 4 guests in dorm style sleeping quarters.  Amenities include Direct TV, DSL - Wi-Fi internet service and land line telephone service.  Full kitchen and pits are available for guests to prepare their own meals or for an additional fee, meals can be prepared for you.  Lodging and meals are $100 per person / per day.  The ranch area is equipped with an additional sleeping quarter that can accommodate 8 more guests.  Also available is the opportunity for skeet shooting. 
Price List - Subject to change
1000 acre / 400 acres high fenced
Aoudad Ram. $2750 each
Aoudad Ewes. $1750 each
Axis Deer. $2700 up to 33" above 33" $2950 each
Black Buck. $2600 each
Eland Bull. $5000 each
Eland Cow. $3500 each
Elk. $5750 to $10000 each
Fallow. $2750 each
Mouflon. $3000 each 
Red Stag Buck. $4500-$5500+ each
Red Deer Cow. $2000 each
Scimitar Oryx.  $4750 each
Sika. $2500 each
Turkey. $700 each
Whitetail. $4500 - $10000 each in high fence
***Dove Hunts. $350 per day per person***
****Low Fence Whitetail hunt to include 1 Buck, 1 Doe, Hog and Turkey. $2500 each****

If you don't see what  you're looking for above, call us.

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